$4,17 million have been raised during Peermoon’s presale round

Mar 16, 2022

During the presale (Private sale A) round, Peermoon raised $ 4,17 million. Slightly less than the target set for $ 4,8 million, however, Peermoon’s team sees the presale round as a great achievement. The presale round took two weeks – from February 28th till March 14th.

While retail investors were engaged in buying PM tokes for a better price (1 PM = $0,005), Peermoon’s management was actively working with large investors.  60% of the presale amount was raised from retail investors, and 40% of the total amount was invested into the Peermoon project by large investors.

We thank all the Peermoon investors for their activity during our presale campaign, and we kindly invite everyone to join our next round Private sale B, which starts after one week.

What is important to know about the Private sale B round?

Join the Peermoon token (PM) Private sale B here (or on the homepage of our website).

After private sale B, the Public sale round will follow. PM tokens will be listed on the exchange from May 20th for trading.

Peermoon project passed the verification and is listed on these platforms:





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About Peermoon

Peermoon is a DeFi mobile wallet that allows investing, managing, and tracking your investment portfolio and finance conveniently in one app. Through the Peermoon app, you can invest in different asset classes, like cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, loans, commodities, real estate, etc.