Innovative investment solutions are among the most important criteria for investors

Nov 09, 2021

Peermoon‘s survey shows, most investors invest in 3-5 different asset classes. Portfolio diversification is an important aspect of reducing risks. We asked investors rate on a 1-10 point scale (where 1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest point) what are top-of-mind criteria when thinking of investments.

Most investors indicated that the risk-return ratio is the most important aspect for them. While high return also remains at the top of mind, especially for those who are more likely to invest in higher volatility products like cryptocurrencies.

Innovative solutions to invest and manage the overall investment portfolio stands higher than transparency and client support. Investing in several asset classes on different platforms/applications becomes a time-consuming challenge. Investors would prefer choosing one innovative tool through which they could invest in different asset classes and track performance statistics of their entire investment portfolio in one place instead of many channels.

Peermoon’s survey was conducted this fall in various investor forums and groups on social networks. In total, more than 45 000 investors worldwide took part in this survey.