Meet Peermoon – a DeFi empowered app for all your financial needs

Nov 17, 2021

Peermoon is a DeFi empowered digital wallet where you can meet all your financial needs. To create a Peermoon wallet, we made wide market research, gathered significant financial and talent resources to foster and invest in innovation, collaboration, and growth. Currently, more than 60 people are working on Peermoon digital wallet and we are on the path to growing to up to 300 team members next year.

That’s what Peermoon offers

With Peermoon you can invest in loans, commodities, EFTs, stocks, crypto, and everywhere you want. Buy or sell the cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. Analyze statistics, track your investment portfolio, expenses, and everything in just one place. The Digital version of your card also gives access to shop online, pay bills, make in-app purchases, set up recurring card payments. The card details are kept secure. The CVV numbers change after each transaction and automatically after every hour. You can also log in via face or touch ID.

How does it work? 

1. Top up your wallet first. It takes just a few seconds through a third-party integration, via bank transfer, online payments, offline, or another digital wallet. 

2. The appropriate top-up amount will be reflected in your dashboard.

3. There’s no need to involve the platform admin in the process of internal transfers between the wallets because everything happens automatically.

4. Choose your investments. We support and offer all types of investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, bank products, cryptocurrencies, etc.).

5. Monitor investment performance, top-up e-wallet, buy or sell investments.

6. Use your device to make purchases without taking out your wallet, purse, credit card, or cash.

7. Funds withdrawal from the e-wallet. You can re-invest the money you have earned or withdraw them from the Peermoon wallet.

The PeerMoon app will be soon available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Follow us for more exciting news.