Peermoon survey: the most promising asset classes in 2022

Nov 03, 2021

Peermoon‘s survey revealed that investors’ optimism has significantly improved compared the last year’s survey. Investors choose to invest in different asset classes. It shows that investors understand the importance of investment diversification. Most investors invest in 3-5 asset classes.

In the survey investors rated which asset classes in their opinion have the greatest potential to grow in 2022.

Peermoon analysts also predict that cryptocurrencies, gold, and P2P loans will perform better in 2022 than other currently popular assets. As the Covid-19 crisis continues worldwide, traditional assets may be more volatile, and less profitable.

Cryptocurrencies demonstared tremendous returns in 2020. Further growth of cryptocurrencies this year draws promising forecast for 2022. However, cryptocurrencies remain extremely volatile and associated with high risks.

Gold is traditionally stable. This asset demonstrated good growth in the past few years, so its forecast for 2022 is promising too.

The volatility of P2P loans is very low, whereas risks are moderate and tied to a separate platform’s ability to fulfill its obligations or to the lending company’s reliability. At the same time, returns from this asset are stable and relatively high compared to the overall investment industry. P2P loans give 10-13% ROI on average.

The top 3 assets on the list may look surprising, as quite young assets like P2P loans and cryptocurrencies scored higher than more conventional ones, such as stocks or bonds. The explanation here is simple – these assets generated higher returns during 2020, and they are more likely to deliver a better risk-reward ratio in 2021/2022.

Stock markets are very sensitive to changes in political and economical spheres. At the beginning of the pandemic, stock markets reported their biggest one-week drop since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Crypto is less dependent on the situation in the world, whereas risks at P2P lending can be minimized by investing in reliable lenders and platforms.

Peermoon’s survey was conducted this fall in various investor forums and groups on social networks. In total, more than 45 000 investors worldwide took part in this survey.